“Jeannie Sullivan of HeartFelt Energies has changed my life for the better. This may sound dramatic, but it is truly heartfelt. I know I can trust the information Jeannie obtains from Spirit in her readings. It is spot-on and provides clear and useful information as I navigate the course of my life and/or if I have something pressing I want Spirit’s guidance on. Jeannie’s kindness, and compassion are what elevates, for me, the services she provides above and beyond the accuracy of her readings. She is a kind soul. I always feel stronger and more centered having spent time with her presense.”
~Kay F. ~


“Jeannie Sullivan is a to-the-bone good, stand up person with a generous heart.”

~Chris R.~


“I feel that Jeannie has a lot to offer and has knowledge that I can learn from. She has helped me come back in touch with my spirituality and I feel a new sense of calm-about living and the other side.”

~Joanna N.~