In the North East part of the United States it will soon be Autumn and with it comes the Equinox, Samhain, cool nights and bright colors. The leaves will change to yellow, orange, and red. They will drop to the ground to show us how beautiful the process of letting go can be.. Autumn is a time to give thanks for the abundant harvest that summer provided. It will be the time that both the Earth and her relations begin the process of going within, flying south for warmer climates, or hibernating against the cold that eventually will come. 

All too soon shorts and tee-shirts will be replaced with sweaters and jeans, flip flops for shoes and socks. Pumpkins and mums will start appearing on doorsteps. All sure signs of fall along with apple picking, corn mazes, and fair season. 

Fall is a very spiritual time of year for me with the thinning of the veil as Samhain approaches. For me it is a wonderful time to honor my ancestors and remember just how thin the veil is between our two worlds. I am reminded that my time on earth is short compared to the time spent on the other side. I admire just how close those who have passed are to me. I honor them, work with them, and look forward to their visits. Autumn is a beautiful time to honor all who have come before us, and those who come after us. The wheel keeps turning and us with it. 

I hope that you have a very sacred, safe, and special Autumn. 
Blessed Be