Spring is Here!!!

Spring is my favorite season. I love the early spring flowers. Crocuses are my favorite because they remind me of my grandmother. I adore the new spring green that are on the trees when the leaves first pop. The bright yellow of forsythia and the purple and white flowers on the lilac bushes. Tulips and irises bloom in an array of colors. Spring brings robins and makes me realize how much I have missed the song birds as they sing in the morning. Winter is quiet without them. 

I think I love the colors of spring so much because for so long everything has been one or two colors. Those being brown and white. The earth needs those colors to sleep, to go within, and to have the energy to complete her showcase of colors in the spring.  Winter does its job in that it makes spring so vibrant, warm, and colorful. There is newness to spring. Newborn animals and new beginnings for us. It holds promise and new possibilities. Spring brings the magic of color, the Green Man, and Beltane. I can’t wait!

May you have an amazing spring with unending possibilities. 

Spring,,,,,,it is just around the corner.