What Happens at Home Doesn’t Necessarily Stay at Home

I try to share parts of my life to show you that as psychics and mediums we don’t have all our stuff together either. I feel it is important that although when in public I try to show you my A game, I don’t always have my A game on in private. Though I don’t let you see anything other than my A game when we are together…..I am happy to give you a glimpse into the other lettered games I play.
Since I have stopped teaching in public education, I have STRESSED about not making ends meet. My big goal is to have the rent paid every month, and thanks to you all of you, and what HeartFelt Energies brings in, I have been able to do that. THANK YOU!
Now on to my Other Lettered Game Playing….I will be happy when I am at the point when I can trust in me enough to know, not only in my head, but in my heart as well, that I will be taken care of by the Universe.
I am getting there……I had an epiphany this morning. Despite all the stress that I have put myself through, it looks like I have enough money for rent again this month. I am great at focusing on what I have (in this case my bank account), and am working on focusing on what is coming. I realized this morning as I was standing in the kitchen that despite all the worry I had a busy week. I had a good week. I had a profitable week. The peace I had in that moment was great and when I tap into it I can feel that peace wash over me.
To be honest the peace feels much better than the stress. It is lighter and calmer, not heavy and filled with worry. Now if I can maintain the trust and the FAITH moving forward I will be grand. I am learning that despite the stress that I choose to put myself through, everything will work out fine. I am learning that worrying is a waste of time, that again it will all work out fine. Trust and Have Faith as they say. And if I forget….remember to fall back into peace.
Please know that we as psychics know a lot but we are no different than you. Nor are we perfect. We are walking our path, working stuff out, and learning along the way too. We are human, just like you. 
Blessed Be.