Winter and Snow

It has taken a bit but Jack Frost and Old Man Winter have finally found Maine!
It is snowing, and snowing, and snowing! 
I went out to shovel the walkway and a path to my car earlier today. I will need to do this again later this evening. Though shoveling is not my favorite activity, as I am always worried my back will give out before I am finished, I do enjoy the Zen of the activity. It is a meditation in and of itself. There is satisfaction in the rhythm of scooping, lifting, and tossing the snow. This comes with a caveat because snow becomes a four letter word when it is heavy, wet, and hard to move. Fortunately today was not one of those four letter word days. 

It could be because we haven’t had much snow this season so far. It could be because it is a rare old fashioned snow storm with no chance of freezing rain or sleet mixing in, but I found the snow to be beautiful as it fell. I love the blanket of quiet that snow provides when it is falling from the sky. Everything seems to become muffled. As I paused between shovelfuls of snow, to give my back a rest I listened to the quiet. I breathed in deeply and drank in the melting snow on my face. I watched as the snow piled up on my mittens and wrestled with my hat as it slid down trying to cover my eyes. 

I stayed outside far longer than my cold legs wanted me to. I found myself relaxing as I stood in the yard listening to the quiet and the snowplow drivers clear nearby driveways. I watched for a while as the snow fell, a little too heavy to feel as though I was inside a snow globe, but peacefully falling just the same. It was and is so pretty to see the trees full of snow. I thought to myself what fun it would be to sled,  snowshoe, cross country ski, or just go for a walk and experience what the snow has to offer today. 

As I stood outside I remembered coming in from the cold and snow as a kid. Making hot chocolate (with milk) and something called fluff as a kid. I smiled at the memory of sitting in my mother’s kitchen, hands rapped around the steaming cup, watching the fluff melt into the chocolate. Grateful for the warmth of both the cup and the wood stove working hard to do its job. 

This wintery snowy day is certainly a Zen, hot chocolate, memory filled kind of day. May you find peace in what you do today.