I have been facilitating a class on manifesting and have learned a lot along the way. I structured the class based on the principals of The Power of Eight, a book by Lyn McTaggert. In it she states that there is certain power to the numbers 8 and 12. I structured the group around 8 people and figured out a price where the numbers equaled 8. There is a bunch of scientific information that Lyn used in the book and I used what I know from a metaphysical point of view. to help facilitate class.  These are some of the outcomes from class……
Everyone has had parts of, if not all of the desires manifested. Many came differently than expected. The manifestations happened REALLY QUICKLY. There really is power in the number 8. 
From a metaphysical standpoint, I know this plays into to concept of collective consciousness. I understand the rule about where more than one is gathered magic will happen. What I learned is that when you don’t make “it” about you and help others, you can benefit too. If you are grateful, the Universe gives you more to be grateful about. When you can get out of your own way and don’t add “yeah buts” to your thoughts, the Universe will help you receive anything you desire. If you can resonate on a similar frequency as your desires that will help them come to you too. 
What is all boils down to is that if you can feel it, and see what you want in your minds eye, have friends to help you manifest, you can move mountains.

Have faith and believe……It will be. 

Next class starts June 16th if you would like to join us. Contact me and I will put you on the attendance list.