Welcome to HeartFelt Energies

Providing Holistic and Healing Services throughout Maine and beyond.

Energy Practitioner

Spiritual Life Coach

Intuitive Psychic

Spiritual Teacher 

Event Coordinator

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Core Values
~Commitment to Building Empowerment

Vision Statement

~To be the leader and chosen international mindfulness company that will provide solutions needed to increase viability, resourcefulness, and reliability.
~To build long-term relationships and foster a quest for enhancing corporate esteem. To help create authenticity, optimism, and positivity within individual and corporate settings. 

Mission Statement

~To create the ultimate customer-design programs that will help people and businesses to be confident, consistent, and courageous. 
~Assisting people on their personal journey toward strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. 
~To provide individuals and organizations with the finest coaching and training sessions to help build resilience, satisfaction, and value.