Winter is almost here!
The holiday season is in full swing!
I am listening to it rain outside knowing it will turn to snow later today. Although it is not officially winter for a few more weeks, it is certainly on our heals. In fact in what will feel like a blink of an eye it will be Winter Solstice. Don’t tell Santa, but I like the Winter Solstice far better than Christmas. There is no hustle and bustle to the solstice, no pressure to buy, buy buy, no stress, no chaos. 

Winter Solstice for me is about quiet ceremony, slowing down and going within, the dark and quiet that night provides. If I am lucky it will snow and I can stand outside and watch the flakes fall gently to earth. No Nor’ Easters please! The Winter Solstice allows me to pause, take a breath, and wait for the light to return. I get to watch as the Earth goes within and sleeps for a bit as the snow is used as a blanket to cover our beloved Mother. 

May we enjoy this season of quiet contemplation. May you enjoy all that the winter solstice and winter season has to offer.