HeartFelt Energies

Providing Massages for Your Soul

HeartFelt Energies is a Maine based business offering full spectrum energy healing sessions, tarot card readings, guided meditations, and workshops to clients throughout the New England area. Specializing in Primus Activation Healing Technique and Reiki.

Primus Activation Healing Technique

Is a new hands-on energy modality that works with the chakra system to infuse the body with energy and leaves you feeling as though you have had a massage for your soul.

  • Primus is used to heal the body
  • Relaxes, balances, grounds, and centers you
  • Sends warm, loving, gentle energy throughout the body
HeartFelt Energies is featured in Business Heroine Magazine

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 Jeannie Sullivan

PAHT & Reiki Practitioner

Tarot Card Reader

Workshop and Seminar Presenter